UVL Robotics has successfully developed a fast, accurate, and secure inventory management solution through the implementation of an advanced warehouse inventory service utilizing autonomous smart drones. This cutting-edge method is now accessible to clients looking for a modern alternative to conventional manual stock management techniques.
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Drone delivery has become a practical reality. Our drones are engaged in daily deliveries, including urgent shipments to remote locations and transfers between post offices, positioning UVL Robotics as a leader in shaping the future of last-mile logistics.
Successful projects
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Use Cases
In 2022, we established a partnership with Aramex, a global logistics and transportation solutions powerhouse. This collaboration led to a successful pilot phase of the "Future Delivery Program" in Muscat, Oman.
01/ Aramex
Use Cases
Talabat, the leading regional technology platform, introduced Oman's inaugural drone food delivery service. This initiative aims to provide food delivery to distinctive locations, offer customers new dining options based on their location, and create opportunities for vendors to enhance their revenue.
02/ Talabat
Use Cases
We collaborated with Oman Post on a drone delivery trial. In 2020, the pilot project showcased the efficacy of drone technology in two distinct use cases. The collaboration achieved its goal by delivering a parcel weighing approximately 2.5 kg to Oman Post in the Nizwa district of the Sultanate of Oman. The drone covered a distance of 2,735 meters in just 4 minutes and 5 seconds, significantly faster than the average car travel time of 16 minutes for the same distance.
03/ Oman Post
Use Cases
Since 2021, Metro C&C has been one of our most significant clients, with over 50% of their warehouses being deep-freeze facilities. The temperatures in these warehouses can plummet to -24 degrees Celsius, posing considerable challenges for the staff. In contrast, our drones perform the required tasks swiftly and efficiently. This is our way of caring for people: by automating manual operations in harsh conditions while also keeping our commitment to sustainability in mind.
04/ Metro C&C
Use Cases
Kimberly-Clark Corporation is dedicated to creating products that enhance hygiene, safety, and productivity. In 2020, during the pandemic, the corporation collaborated with UVL Robotics on a unique project for drone-assisted warehouse inventory. Traditionally, staff would take several days to take stock of items in a warehouse spanning approximately 25,000 square meters. Utilizing our drones, we were able to expedite the process, completing the inventory in less than a day without jeopardizing the health or safety of individuals.
05/ Kimberly-Clark
Use Cases
Since 2020, FM Logistics has been a key partner, collaborating with us to automate warehouse management, enhance employee safety, boost efficiency, and reduce operational costs.
06/ FM Logistics
UVL Robotics is a leading global provider of AI-powered drone solutions for logistics, offering innovative technologies. We take pride in being pioneers in providing comprehensive inventory management and delivery services to our corporate clients.
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UVL Robotics has announced a partnership with Aramex, a global leader in logistics and transportation services. The two organizations recently completed a successful trial phase of the "Future Delivery Program" in Muscat, Oman. According to plans, drone delivery testing will be expanded to new markets.
"Future Delivery Program" with Aramex
At the recent IDEX exhibition, our company explored advanced military technologies and participated in the pitching contest. The UVL Robotics team secured an honorable second place, with the competition judged by representatives from the Emirates Defense Industry Corporation (EDGE), Lockheed Martin Corporation, and the UAE Ministry of Defense.

During the presentation, Eugene Grankin, founder and CEO of UVL Robotics, detailed the startup's history and outlined its future prospects. He discussed the potential of drones to enhance the volume and speed of cargo delivery in the Middle East, a region characterized by its challenging landscape of deserts, seas, and mountains, where drone delivery emerges as the most effective solution.

Grankin also presented a case study on humanitarian aid in Oman, highlighting how the company's drones delivered medicines to regions affected by flooding. UVL Robotics aims to improve the world by offering quality express delivery services, reducing carbon emissions, and alleviating harsh working conditions for people.
Second place in the IDEX competition
The UVL Robotics team participated in the DemoDay of the 2nd Fundraising Roadshow event, organized by Hub71 in Abu Dhabi. We showcased our last-mile delivery solution and shared insights from our experience with partners and investors from the MENA region.

The presentation focused on the potential of drone delivery in the international market. In 2022, UVL Robotics experienced a notable increase in commercial proposals for last-mile delivery via drones.

Moosa Al Balushi, expressing his satisfaction with the presentation, stated, "I am happy to tell partners about our recent successes and challenges that we have overcome. UVL Robotics has managed to significantly increase its operations over the past year and exceed its forecasted revenue by more than 20%. If you are ready to be a part of the technological progress, then we will be glad to see you on the list of possible partners and investors."
“DemoDay of 2nd Fundraising” in Abu Dhabi
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