Starting this month, UVL Robotics will offer drone delivery services in Oman, specifically serving its largest city, Muscat. The drones, utilized through a partnership with a local delivery service, have also secured authorization to operate beyond the visual line of sight (BVLOS).

Securing official authorization for BVLOS flights involves a comprehensive process, necessitating approvals from several authorities, including the Royal Air Force of Oman (RAFO), the Royal Oman Police (ROP), and the National Security Agency (NSA). These approvals have been obtained, allowing our drones to operate without any range restrictions.

Eugene Grankin, CEO of UVL Robotics, reflects on the journey: "It was a useful experience that gave our technology life. The UVL team gained trust from the local authorities to move the project forward, and I am very grateful to everyone who participated in this process. A new milestone in the history of delivery has been reached."

For Muscat's residents, drone delivery in Oman promises faster service, unaffected by heavy traffic, infrastructure issues, or climatic conditions. This project is the first and only of its kind in the Middle East, marking a significant advancement in the region's delivery services.
The era of drone delivery has commenced

UVL Robotics recently participated in the Salon International du Transport & Logistique (SITL) in Paris. Over four days, we engaged in productive discussions with various third-party logistics (3PL) operators, leading to agreements for drone inventory pilots with Kuehne + Nagel, Logicor, Log's, Rhenus Logistics, GXO, Bollore, and Carreras, scheduled for late April or early May.
In another significant development, UVL Robotics has established a partnership with Timcod, a leading IT solutions integrator for the supply chain in France. This collaboration aims to enhance service offerings to customers in the French market through our esteemed partners.

Furthermore, the company has finalized an agreement with Infflux to integrate WMS software, enabling seamless collaboration with our mutual partners. This innovative solution will facilitate the secure transmission of final inventory data directly to clients, maintaining high security standards.

The exhibition provided numerous opportunities for new collaborations, allowing us to continue moving forward and promoting disruptive technologies for sustainable development.

The UVL Robotics team participated in the DemoDay of the 2nd Fundraising Roadshow event, organized by Hub71 in Abu Dhabi. We showcased our last-mile delivery solution and shared insights from our experience with partners and investors from the MENA region.

The presentation focused on the potential of drone delivery in the international market. In 2022, UVL Robotics experienced a notable increase in commercial proposals for last-mile delivery via drones.

Moosa Al Balushi, expressing his satisfaction with the presentation, stated, "I am happy to tell partners about our recent successes and challenges that we have overcome. UVL Robotics has managed to significantly increase its operations over the past year and exceed its forecasted revenue by more than 20%. If you are ready to be a part of the technological progress, then we will be glad to see you on the list of possible partners and investors."
“DemoDay of 2nd Fundraising” in Abu Dhabi
UVL Robotics is initiating a tour of French logistics clients to unveil its new products for 2022. In collaboration with GEFCO Paris HQ and Integrated Logistics, a significant event was recently hosted at the Hordain site in Lille, showcasing drone warehouse automation technologies. Our partnership with GEFCO, a leader in the field known for embracing innovative solutions, fills our team with pride.

UVL Robotics has developed automated systems that adhere to European safety standards, ensuring they can be smoothly integrated into new enterprises. After conducting successful tests in the Netherlands and France, we are moving forward to the Point of Sale (POS) stage with the backing of our headquarters.
The UVL Inventory team has news from Europe
UVL Robotics has announced a partnership with Aramex, a global leader in logistics and transportation services. The two organizations recently completed a successful trial phase of the "Future Delivery Program" in Muscat, Oman. According to plans, drone delivery testing will be expanded to new markets.
"Future Delivery Program" with Aramex
At the recent IDEX exhibition, our company explored advanced military technologies and participated in the pitching contest. The UVL Robotics team secured an honorable second place, with the competition judged by representatives from the Emirates Defense Industry Corporation (EDGE), Lockheed Martin Corporation, and the UAE Ministry of Defense.

During the presentation, Eugene Grankin, founder and CEO of UVL Robotics, detailed the startup's history and outlined its future prospects. He discussed the potential of drones to enhance the volume and speed of cargo delivery in the Middle East, a region characterized by its challenging landscape of deserts, seas, and mountains, where drone delivery emerges as the most effective solution.

Grankin also presented a case study on humanitarian aid in Oman, highlighting how the company's drones delivered medicines to regions affected by flooding. UVL Robotics aims to improve the world by offering quality express delivery services, reducing carbon emissions, and alleviating harsh working conditions for people.
Second place in the IDEX competition
UVL Robotics participated in the Abu Dhabi Finance Week 2023, which served as an exceptional platform to showcase our cutting-edge solutions to prominent figures in the region. Our team had the opportunity to present our innovative technology to the Ministry of AI, Omar Al Olama, and members of the esteemed royal family, including Sheikh Mohamed bin Sultan bin Khalifa. This opportunity underscored our commitment to transforming various industries and contributing to technological advancement in the UAE.

Furthermore, we were honored to pitch our ideas to HH Khalifa bin Sultan bin Hamdan Al Nahyan, further affirming our dedication to driving technological innovation in the region. This experience has been invaluable, propelling UVL Robotics forward in our mission to revolutionize industries with entirely new solutions.
Abu Dhabi Finance Week 2023
UVL Robotics participated in the Sustainable Robotics Summit 2024, held at Dubai Silicon Oasis (DSO), a hub renowned for technological innovation. The team engaged with influential scientific leaders, international experts, and industry peers to discuss recent insights in robotics, market trends, and sustainability practices. During the summit, UVL Robotics unveiled plans to expand its drone delivery trials within DSO as part of Dubai's forward-thinking initiatives. Through strategic collaborations with Dubai Silicon Oasis and Dubai Future Labs, the company aims to implement advanced AI solutions to revolutionize last-mile delivery services and enhance accessibility for a wider audience.
Sustainable Robotics Summit 2024 in Dubai
We are excited to announce the launch of UVL Robotics' AI-powered box counting service, a transformative solution for the logistics industry. Traditionally, inventory management relied on scanning barcodes or QR codes on full pallets. Now, with our new technology, it is possible to employ custom algorithms to count individual boxes and packages on non-full pallets. This innovation is particularly beneficial for the picking zone, where it increases efficiency and accuracy. Our service represents a significant advancement in sophistication and efficiency. The UVL Robotics team is proud to be at the forefront of revolutionizing warehouse logistics and addressing one of our customers' most significant challenges: recalibrating stock levels.
UVL Robotics’ new breakthrough: a box counting service