UVL Robotics has successfully conducted the automated inventory of Kuehne+Nagel warehouse in the Moscow region and set a new record for inventory volume at a time – 35 000 pallets by 8 drones!

UVL Robotics team set a new record for inventory volume at a time - 35,000 pallets by 8 drones!
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... October 24, UVL Robotics conducted an inventory of 35 000 pallets at the warehouse of the German 3PL giant Kuehne + Nagel in Chekhov. This inventory was the first project under a long-term contract that was concluded in 2019.
Recalculation of the warehouse was carried out simultaneously by 8 drones, while the miscalculation rate was 12 hours of working time, against the planned 14 hours reflected in the agreed terms of reference.
At the moment, this is the largest volume of drone runoff recounts recorded in the global practice of warehouse logistics. But the confidence that this record will actually hold for a long time is not much. Satisfied with the success, the client has already begun the process of internal coordination of drones recalculation of the volume of 70 000 pallet places planned in mid-2020.


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