UVL Robotics held a business meeting with colleagues from Saudi Arabia

A delegation from Saudi Arabia visited the Moscow office of UVL Robotics in order to develop partnerships in the sphere of warehouse stock-taking located in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by drones. The business meeting included the representatives of the companies: IDIT, SAMA TWAIQ (part of the IDIT holding) and UVL Robotics.

SAMA TWAIQ is a major provider of advanced robotic devices and services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The range of SAMA TWAIQ competencies includes: research and development, drone maintenance, training for piloting and operating of drones. The company provides efficient drone solutions for a variety of industries, including logistics, delivery, oil and gas, and heavy industry.

SAMA TWAIQ supports Saudi Vision 2030, a national strategy and unique transformative economic and social reform to attract new technologies and develop infrastructure. SAMA TWAIQ’s partners include companies from the drone sector that specialize in various industries: Hepta, Swissdrones, ZIYAN, Dronisos.

SAMA TWAIQ company effectively develops technological solutions for the logistics market and cooperates with major representatives of the following segments: FMCG Food and Cosmetics; 3 PL; Retail Food. One of SAMA TWAIQ's customers is TAMER Logistics.

UVL Robotics and SAMA TWAIQ took aim for a long-term partnership. At the first stage, representatives of the companies agreed to cooperate on indoor inventory solutions for the logistics industries (FMCG Food and Cosmetics, 3 PL, Retail Food) using drones.

Saudi Arabia is the fastest growing and largest economy in the Middle East. More than 60 international companies as well as more than 500 thousand different trademarks and commercial structures are concentrated in the state. The main industries - FMCG Food and Cosmetics, 3 PL, Retail Food - make up a large volume of the region's logistics market. Globally, UVL Robotics already cooperates with the leading market players: Nestlé, Procter & Gamble Company, PepsiCo, Unilever, The Coca-Cola Company, Danone, L'Oréal. Since the warehouses of these companies are also concentrated in Saudi Arabia, the expansion of UVL Robotics under existing contracts in other regions is a natural vector for the development of partnerships.

Importantly, the largest players of the 3 PL market are represented in Saudi Arabia: DHL Supply Chain & Global Forwarding, Kuehne + Nagel, DB Schenker, Nippon Express and others. In total, more than 5 thousand logistics companies with warehouses are registered in the state. The market volume is more than 20 million pallet spaces and it is an attractive side for the development and strengthening of partnerships in this region.

The participants of the business meeting came to agreement concerning the implementation of a plan for the inventory of warehouse premises of 3 PL operators. In January 2022, as part of the plan, the representatives of UVL Robotics will visit Saudi Arabia for the first inventory at the customer's warehouses.

UVL Robotics publishes a very detailed study of the drone logistics market and its pathway to a scalable, globally accepted solution.